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"Steering Column Locked"

I inherited my father's 2008 LR2 a few month ago after he passed away from pancreatic cancer.

Anyway, it's giving me fits starting. Couple weeks ago (ironically the last day it was covered on the factory warranty) it decided to die while I was running errands. It gave me an error that read "steering column locked" and refused to start. Tried taking the key out, giving it time, turning the wheel different directions, still no dice. All the electronics would turn on but it refused to crank the engine. Had it towed to the dealership. After much head scratching and confusion in the service department, they called the corporate LR tech folks. They decided to replace the steering wheel lock sensor. Voila! Problem solved... sort of.

I hadn't even had it back a day and decided to do it again. Only this time, if I gave it about 30 seconds and tried again, the error would clear and the car would start. Called the dealership back up and they got me into their earliest available appointment. Over the few days before the appointment, it pulled this error on me at least a half a dozen more times.

Now that it is back at the dealership, they called me and said that they did get the problem duplicated but they are going to have to "consult with the engineering team who designed and built the car" to try to find a solution.

Thankfully it is still under warranty but does anyone have any ideas that I could pitch to the service guys since it seems like they are coming up short? Thanks!
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