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Originally Posted by Bossbob View Post
One of the recommended fixes for various electrical faults on the FL2 is to disconnect the battery completely and then connect the red and black wires together and go and have a cup of tea or coffee, (in other words wait for 30 minutes). Disconnect the wires and reconnect them to the correct poles of the battery.
Connecting the wires together without the battery allows various capacitors to discharge. I've had the battery out of my FL2 to charge it and had no problems at all afterwards.
I really hoped this would work but it didn't. The Rover died last Thursday night. Won't start. Prior to this it would not start and the screen said "HDC Control Error". I said uh-uh, hit the button again and it started. HDC wasn't engaged anyway! So the next day it just refused to start. Hit the button, no turnover or anything. I think now it may be the starter, which is cool cause I have a CarMax extended warranty so I'm looking at $250 max. But still, if it was something to do with the computer resetting I'd love to do it myself rather than towing it over there, even tho that's free. Any other ideas ladies and gentlemen?
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