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I had several issues with my 03 range Rover l322 steering column. Frankly it is an over mechanized POS in my opinion. To start the tilt motor sounded like it worked. I even removed it and tested it. It seemed to spin but when it had the wheel pressure on it it would not spin. So I replaced the motor and that fixed the problem. The 4 prongs casted into the housing to hold the tile spindel nut was damaged. 2 of the 4 prongs where broken. Only way to fix this is to install a new steering column which I purchased a used one and installed. The 3rd issue was that the reach spindel nut is manufactured out of pvc instead of brass which is used for the tilt spindel nut. Anybody with a common sense of mechanical engineering should know that you can not expect a steal acme thread to rotate through pvc without stripping out the threads. As a result you have 2 choices to fix this. Buy a used starting column to get a new pvc reach nut with no guarantee and pray that the new one isn't stripped out. But it could still strip out in the future, or buy our custom American made machines reach spindel nut. I have access to a machine shop and decided to manufacture an aftermarket reach spindle nut machined out of aluminum nickel bronze. Here is a link to my part to purchase.

Range Rover L322 Steering Column Reach Spindle Nut Aluminum Nickel Bronze | eBay

Some people are asking what it takes to switch out the entire column. I did it from start to finish in 8 hours. Definitely not a fun project. Be very delicate with all the interior pieces and do not hammer on the end of the column in attempt to get it to insert into the spline at the fire wall. Also I did not need to remove the entire dash. Instead I removed the air vents and side trim, driver side dash bolts and just popped out our and pulled back for minimum clearance needed.

For those trying to figure out thread sizes. The reach and tilt spindel is a m10x1.5 trapezoidal metric screw thread. The female steering wheel bolt thread is a m14x1.5 trapezoidal metric as well.
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