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Clutch Won't Depress Series III

I'm depressed, but my clutch isn't.

Driving home today in my sweet little lemon, the gears stopped catching smoothly as I shifted. The engine would race a little and then it would catch as I eased up on the gas pedal. Then I could tell I was starting to lose my grip as I could barely make it up a hill.

As I turned into my driveway the clutch would no longer depress. It's locked in the upright position, just like the flight attendant would want it, but that's not how I want it to be. I want it to depress so I can switch gears, which, in turn, will allow me to drive again.

I checked the clutch fluid reservoir and guess what? It was full, so that's not the problem.

Do I have a master and/or slave problem?


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