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There is a nationwide database which all states are linked to that carry's the VIN numbers of stolenvehicles and vehicles branded Salvage Only. You can use a title service, and you may get one, but be aware that if the VIN shows up at the time you go to register, as being on that database, you can basically wipe your hind quarters with a title supplied by a title service. Lenny Torres learned this the hard way after completely rebuilding his burned NAS110. He ended up driving it on a dealers plate for a few years and eventually eneded up exporting it, though he did get $35K for it.
Withing the SADISCO system alone, over 50 Defenders have been sold for salvage. Wayne Gayer bought a lot of them. Two 110s, so badly burned, they were little more than chassis with a roll cage brought $11K each. They were, amazingly, branded rebuildable, and were bought more for the title than the parts contained. ECR can tell you loads about this. D90s values are depreciated by nearly half, but of the 11 NAS110s I know of, at least three were totally rebuilt by professional restoration companies, and brought well withing the range of those sold without damage history. The ultimate sales price is pretty much a result of the pedigree of who did the rebuild. I lucked out with mine; a truck that had a light top end engine fire. It was completely rebuilt to new in 2002, and given a clean new title by CT. I doubt Land Rover's own quality assurance dept. goes over a truck with as fine a comb as some state's DMV. Schram's right; you need receipts for virtually every componant you burchase for the rebuild, including the vin numbers from vehicles where used body parts came from. Many states issue new titles which clearly indicate the vehicle is rebuilt. Other's, including CT only issue one title, but the history is always there in CARFAX.
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