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I have both he Carfax and the Accucheck, the Carfax says Junk Title but no mention of rebuildable status. The Accucheck has three things listed on the salvage day: a junk title, a rebuilt/rebuildable and a Insurance title transfer.

This is what is confusing me about it.

Schram, Alabama is apparently one of the strictest states with rebuilt vehicles for some reason. Kind of ironic since there are no emmision tests done ever and with all the farm equipment and trailers riding the roads here. I really want to buy this thing but if I have no chance of getting a title then it doesn't do me much good. As for the resale, I am really not concerned. I want a project to work on and learn from and just a cool truck to take over to the lake and beach instead of my P38. Plus once I get this finished, I can tear apart some of my P38 and get the rest of the bugs out of it.

What am i looking for exactly on a Carfax that would tell me it is not rebuildable?
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