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Why are my threads being mysteriously deleted?

I posted a total of three identical threads on the General Land Rover Discussion, Range Rover Classic, and Range Rover P38 forums. Today, when I logged in to check my threads, the one on the General Land Rover Discussion forum was still there, but the other two in Range Rover Classic and Range Rover P38, were gone. Quite mad because those threads had some good replies, I checked my subscription list and my thread list, and they were nowhere to be found. What really angers me is that I was not told that they were going to be removed, and that I had put on the bottom of every post that I would be posting this thread across other forums and whoever removed it didn't P.M. me or at least reply to one of the threads that I should not be doing this and that they would be removed. I'm not trying to spam up the forums, I'm just posting this thread across different forums to get a larger audience able to see my thread, and to try to eliminate bias, for example, if I'd only posted that thread on the Range Rover Classic forum, everyone there would have told me to buy a Range Rover Classic, same thing with the Range Rover P38 forum. Now I want to know if I violated some policy and if I did, I'm sorry, or is this some automated process?

Thank you for your replies.
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