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1. hoses - silicone or rubber and why?

Silicone hoses are porous. Hence they are not the best when used for fuel or coolant. Charged air is different story.

2. shafts - replace if non-serviceable?

All driveshafts are serviceable. Someone had to build them right? I had my factory driveshaft rebuilt with grease fittings on the U joints. It has been about 8 years since I had them rebuilt. I grease them every other oil change interval. My front shaft has about 90K miles on them, I just drove 3000 miles in the past week or so.

3. suspension - poly bushings? ( I know they squeak, will scuff)

I would never put poly in any of my daily driver. Been there done that. I put one on my Daily Driven Jeep in the past, and I put a transmission mount on, took it for a spin, I took it out the same day. There is hardly any give on poly bushings. It puts stress on other hardware. I'd rather change out the bushing then failing strap/bolt/bracket.

4. lift - plan on 2" OME, how will this affect my drive shafts, will I need longer ones?

As far as I can tell, 2" is the limit where you can get away with just the lift.

5. Sleeve drop prevention - ANYTHING beyond normal maintenance to prevent?

When I bought my D2 back in 2008, I was told that I will be spending as much to keep the vehicle running and possibly more. I wouldn't say it was totally care free ownership but many things were exaggerated. I do 99.9% of the work on the vehicle that own. The jobs include doing oil pump in the front engine cover, timing chain, setting ring and pinion... I bought the truck and immediately after spent some money doing belts, pulleys, fluid change, new radiator, oil pump, replaced oil pan seal. During the past 7 year ownership, I replaced: RR hub, ABS sensors, alternator, battery, PS pump, two sets of plugs and wires.

Only used, good synthetic blend or fully synthetic for the oil change with interval of about 5000 miles. Knock on wood, but I have not had any trouble with the motor and it has 150K miles

Still have Dexcool in the radiator. I didn't know there was big fuss about it. I will be draining it in the next few days.

I think a lot of LR owners are absolutely clueless about cars in general and they think because a Rover is built for offroad that it is incredibly tough hence it does not require any maintenance. When in fact, because it has so many more moving parts, that it requires more extensive maintenance.

6. sensors - any need replacing due to time or miles that a non Rover mechanic wouldn't know about?

When sensors go bad, they throw a code.

7. air filter - I noticed you said factory, do you NOT recommend K&N filter charger?

MAF probe gets coated with K&N oil and can be irreversibly become faulty.
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