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Originally Posted by SurfingRat View Post
Well, for anyone doing this job. If you get the head gasket kit from Lucky 8, you get new TTY bolts with the kit and the whole thing is like $80. Unfortunately for me, having them in possession was too much temptation to put them on, instead of paying $200 for the ARP (especially when I wasn't even sure the head gasket was my main problem, was worried block was bad but turns out that's not the case).

ARP studs are definitely going on the next one, and current cheap angle gauge is going for a swim.
When most quality head sets are as much as $160 or more & TTY bolts are about $80, you can't be serious about quality. But it's your truck and the experience is valuable for doing it again. There's no reason to explain if advice based upon experience is not valuable to you.

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