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Originally Posted by CT090 View Post
To anyone considering studs, please be aware that this is incorrect information. The third or fourth party information this poster is repeating is in reference to the Buick studs that many people attempted to use on the Rover engine. As many know, the Rover engine was purchased from Buick many years ago. It shares many attributes with the Buick but there are many differences. ARP made studs for both engines and cataloged them under different numbers. However, the Buick stud was shorter. The Buick studs were somewhat less expensive and some tried to use them in the Rover engine. These people experienced failures due to the lack of proper thread engagement depth. At no time has ARP changed the length of the studs in the Rover kit.

Additionally, many of the failures related to the Rover studs were caused by incorrect installation. The original head bolt was cut for a standard head bolt using a taper tap. When studs, which are longer, were screwed to the bottom of this bore, it caused binding in the form of the stud forcing the bore to expand due to the tapering nature of the last few threads. Several of the bolt holes are very close to the edge of the block which adds to the susceptibility for cracking. The correct procedure is to fully cut the bottom threads with a proper bottoming tap. This allows full engagement without binding.

The spec sheet on any individual part cannot turn a neophyte into an experienced, competent engine builder.
You are so full of it.

Originally ARP only made studs for the Buick motor, which they listed as being suitable for the Rover V8 as well. They did not make ones specifically for the Rover V8. The buick ones were the shorter ones I was talking about. After they were continually ripped out of the rover blocks, they then increased the length and referenced them as studs for the Rover V8. The longer studs were no longer suitable for a buick block.

Most people are not like you and use things because they are cheaper. The Buick studs were actually more expensive than the later introduced ones. The Buick Kit had 26 studs compared to 20 in the later rover kit so they were around 30% more expensive.

Up to December 2016, ARP had the torque for the Rover studs listed at 100ft/lb. The old Buick studs were set at around 75 ft/lb.

Rover did not use taper head bolts. I have many of them here.

Do you actually ever do any research or do you just post whatever comes into your head. I do not know how you come up with this stuff
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