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Originally Posted by Sign Guy View Post
For all of those whose heated seats no longer work there is a VERY easy way to at least get the seat back toasty again.

1. Raise both seat rears up as far as they will go.
2. Push down on the leather at the rear of the bottom cushion and remove the retaining clip along the bottom edge of the seat to reveal the back of the bottom seat cushion.
3. Clip the black and red wires coming out of the bottom cushion making sure to leave enough wire to be able to crimp on to (in case you want to ever go through fixing all of the breaks in the bottom cushion)
4. Join the wires together with a barrel crimp.
5. Bump the fuse up from a 20 to a 25.
6. Replace the retaining clip.
7. Toast your kidneys with warmth!!

Total time:10 minutes at most

BTW, you probably want to check that fuse FIRST!

93 LWB Westminster

What models of Land Rovers does this work on ? Are my seats going to BBQ ?
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