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Erratic running, speedo not working and rear window issues!

We are losing our minds with a 1995 Range Rover Classic 3.9. There are a few faults that could well be connected.

Firstly the speedo. The speedometer originally worked more often than not, then it worked erratically, then it would claim I was doing 130mph and finally it stopped working. We changed the VSS under the car, no change. We took the dash out and found some dry joints and fixed those, still no change. We tested the dial and put a square wave through it and it worked perfectly. We created a new loom on the back of electrical membrane, still it didn't work. We replaced the wires to the VSS and still it does not work. It would work in the garage at walking pace but as soon as we tested the car it would stop working again. Occasionally we would get a blip when the speedo needle would go up to 40mph but now nothing.

The diagnostics would not show any errors though for the first time today error code 68 came up relating to the speed sensor. Any help would be great!!

The rear electric windows did not work then out of the blue on a test run they started to work. Got back, restarted the car to show the now working rear windows and nothing! Dead, didn't move. Today exactly the same thing happened (both rear windows either work or don't, no middle ground).

The car engine has progressively become lumpier over time, especially at tick over and occasionally the car would cut out when coming to a rest. I would get an error code for the right hand oxygen sensor. Finally one day the car just died as i was driving. We replaced the amplifier and it worked again though all the problems have remained. Parts replaced include the rotor arm, distributor cap, leads, spark plugs, advanced vacuum (it was totally screwed), air mass sensor, air filter, the inlet manifold was cleaned, throttle sensor tested....There is often an excessive level of water from the exhaust though only when cold so not too worried, the water level is fine.

I am getting to the point of buying some matches!!
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