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Thank you sierrafery, the earth did need cleaning. I have not ran the car yet as i have the centre console out.

We did try the rear windows and they are still faulty. It should not effect the speedometer as we put a direct earth to the dash to try and eliminate that as being a potential cause. Our next port of call is to get the car back in the air and try to follow the loom from the VSS up and over the transmission to the bulkhead to see if it has melted or worn somewhere. We have ran two new cables from the VSS (which is new) but that made zero difference other than the fact that car has finally picked up an error 68 code for a road speed sensor problem. Up to that point the speedometer either didn't work or was erratic and not once did an error code occur.

The engine is fine when first started but once it has been moved the idle becomes rough. I can't think what else it can be, we been through the vacuum side as best as we can, checked the compression for each cylinder, changed the the entire ignition system. The list goes on. It is ironic that we have a few V12 Jaguars here and they are a piece of cake compared to the Range Rover! The 1995 soft dash seems to be a bit of bastard child as it has random parts from different Land Rovers!
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