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Thanks for the response, I hadn't considered a wide band O2 gauge. Since the EFI computer controls everything air/fuel related, is there much in the way of tuning I could do if the ratio is off? Or would it be more of an indicator that a particular sensor is wonky and is feeding bad data to the computer?

When replacing the cam and timing chain/gears, we pulled the upper and lower plenum apart and cleaned them all up along with the throttle body. It was all surprisingly clean actually, as was the area under the valve covers, no big bits of gunk. We tried to be very careful making sure the timing gears and harmonic balancer were all aligned correctly with TDC when we reassembled, so I'm pretty sure it's all correct. I did check the timing with a timing light after reassembly, and it looks like it's getting the full 35- 36 degrees of advance at around 3500-3800 rpm. We added some extra marks to the harmonic balancer when it was out to make it easier to check.

I forgot to mention I replaced the coil with an MSD Blaster II when the new distributor went in, so I think it should still be good (unless I got a lemon). Is there a good way to verify spark intensity/coil output? Make sure I'm getting a good white hot spark and not a weak yellow one? I assume it should be fine considering the parts are all pretty new, you but never know.
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