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Originally Posted by sierrafery View Post
You should put in a new MAF to be ruled out cos if it's "dead" cleaning it won't help
Is there a good way to tell if the MAF has bitten the dust? I assume it's doing something, because if I unplug the MAF connector with the engine running, it dies almost immediately.

Side note, yesterday while running up a long steep freeway hill I don't usually travel, I had it under so pretty heavy load to maintain speed (80-90% pedal in 3rd gear at 3500-35800RPM to keep up with the slow traffic in the right lane, started the hill at 65mph, had dropped to 55 by the top...) and at the top of the hill, the EFI light came on. Coolant temp and oil pressure were fine (I have auxiliary gauges installed for both) nothing changed in terms of how it ran, but it has stayed on. No indication of anything being any different, sounds the same, drives the same, but the light is now on.
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