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Ok so here's the deal. Bought a 2002 disco II. Let me preface by saying I do have a bit of experience with LR and I am a mechanical engineer so I am quite mechanically proficient.

The car: 2002 4.0 v8 North American disco II

Problem: when entering key position 2 hazards come on (will not shut off until batt disconnected) and engine will crank, but not start.

Details: Battery is brand new. Ckps is brand new( bosch). Inertia switch is brand new. Engine will fire on ether. Fuel pump does work when jumped and pressure is established all the way up to rail. So we know that engine does have sufficient spark and fuel is traveling all the way to rail (when jumped). Key fob does work and immobilizer/ alarm system is operating properly. Under normal starting procedure flashers/hazards will turn on prior to even cranking (when entering key pos 2) fuel pump will not turn on and injectors will not deliver fuel.

What are all possible scenarios/faults that would turn on hazards?

Is there a way to jump/short inertia switch wiring further down the line? At fuse box?

My thought is whatever is causing this is a fault or safety feature that will not allow power to fuel pump/injectors? What all can do this?

Note: ignition switch is newer, but has worked and original fob still works to lock/unlock/arm/disarm.

Any help would be beyond greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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