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Dead Battery and Parking Lights

Went out today to find the Disco dead. Like, totally dead, no dash lights, no solenoid click, nothing; just the aux gauges went on with the ignition key. Checked the battery and it showed 6.7 volts. I had not left the lights on or anything. Okay, I thought, it's an Auto Zone battery and they last exactly 3 years before they spontaneously die. This one had already been replaced under warranty, so this time I went to Costco for a nice new Interstate brand battery. So far, so obvious.

When I connected the new battery, all of the yellow lights on the right side (right front turn, right side marker, right rear turn) came on, and would not go off. Didn't matter what position the key or the light switch was in. Is this what killed the battery? Hard to believe I wouldn't notice that. I started the engine and cycled power to all the lights and other accessories. The yellow lights on the right side stayed on. Bad relay? I took the cover off the relay box and tapped on all the relays. The lights stayed on. I disconnected the battery and came inside to do some research, and to check this forum.

Before I posted, I wanted to check again to be certain it was just the yellow lights, so I went back outside and connected the battery. This time, no lights came on and everything seems normal. WTF?

I've owned one British car or another since 1982, so I've heard and dealt with all the myths and realities of British electrical systems. I could convince myself that my Discovery is possessed, but I'd rather believe there is some rational explanation. Does anybody have one?
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