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The codes are: P0171 P0174 P0150 and P0130
They reappear without fail about 2 to 4 miles after clearing

I have not rebuilt the fuel injectors since I have had the car (last 3 years), and they seemed to be original and undisturbed when I replaced my head gaskets about a month and a half ago

It likes to hang out around 8 mpg but fluctuates up and down based on factors unknown to me

Keeping in mind that it is nearly 20 years old now, I keep a Voyager roof rack on it, a 2-inch lift, and larger tires I expect the fuel economy to be a few miles lower than stock, but not this bad


I take all of my mileage calculations over the same 44-mile commute
I reset the odometer each time I gas up to a full tank, and then divide my miles traveled by the number of gallons it takes to refuel

I also have 32-inch tires on my vehicle and have never had my odometer adjusted so I account for their increased size by multiplying the miles my odometer reports
by the ratio between the circumference of my new tires and the stock tire size of 29 inches (~1.103448)

i.e. If my odometer said I drove 40 miles and I had to put 5 1/2 gallons in I would calculate it as: (40* 1.103448) / 5.5 =~ 8

I also double check my distances with google maps


If you think I've overlooked something or see something wrong with the way that I am calculating my distance traveled please let me know

I really appreciate the help, Im at my wit's end,

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