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Which Magnaflow part #

Originally Posted by Crysyn View Post
Thought I would post a quick review for the Magnaflow high flow cats Y-pipe. As I know when I was considering the purchase, I could find little regards to this setup on line for our rovers.

I ordered it through Performance Peddler for what I consider a great price. It arrived in two days(I live in Utah).

It comes in two pieces and you slide the pipes together and it just tightens/clamps down with the turn of a bolt/nut.

It goes in real easy- probably easier than stock(no welding needed as well). It does not come with the two down pipe gaskets, I ordered those from Rovers North.

The fit is fantastic, maybe even better than stock and it all fits up out of the way which was the one thing I was concerned about as I have seen similar looking after market cats poking out below the frame to be struck while off-roading.

It is stainless so it should last a long time. Soon after installing it and driving it-it begins to turn a bronze color.

All the muffler shops I spoke with said that I might get a check engine light. When pulling it out of the box, I could see that the first hole(pre-cat) for the oxygen sensor on the driver side was further up the from cat than factory but all is well- no check engine light and it has passed emissions here in Utah.

As far as sound, it does change the sound of the exhaust. I cut my resonator off years ago and installed a Magnaflow muffler. It had always produced a nice mellow note with little drone. It now sounds more like how my dads 1972 Chevy 3/4 ton truck sounded growing up. Mixed feelings about it in that regard. There is still little drone if any, but I do feel a frequency vibration rattle my transmission shift lever a bit as it resonates up into the transmission tunnel. This is only when it has shifted into 4th at slow speeds around town and you give it a touch of gas.

In regards to power increases- cannot answer as I had installed a new cam, torque converter and had a valve job all done at the same time.

It certainly lets the exhaust flow better without question, when you first start in the morning it is really coming out of the tail pipe.

Hey Crysyn, quick question for you. did you purchase the Magnaflow 93689 Stainless Direct Fit Catalytic Converter 99-04 LR Discovery V8 from Performance Peddler? I just installed a cat back exhaust system on my D2 and want to replace the Y pipe/cats with a Magnaflow thats more free flowing. I live in Virginia so no CA emissions worries here. Thanks
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