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  • quangchac ·
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    Chris Faronea ·
    Hey Mike, I've been scrolling through threads and came across one talking about bypassing your throttle body to eliminate a coolant leak? I've been chasing a leak for the past three weeks and have gone as fas as replacing water pump and the timing cover gasket (which in turn led to me ddropping and replacing oil pan gasket as well). After bolting everythin up, im still getting the same leak! The leak is comin gfrom somehwere between the timing cover and block. but I can't locate it for the life of me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I also live in Denver and would be happy to offer beer or cash for any ides or even if I could persuade you to possibly take a look at her. You can contact me by phone if thats easiest, 720-448-2902 or email at [email protected]

    Seriously I'm at a loss here and could use any help you'd have to offer. Thanks a bunch Mike!

    Hannah Haddad ·
    Hello I'am having issues with my 2003 LR disco. I just replaced all coolant hosing, reservoir tanks, and thermostat last winter. When my truck is at idol it blows cold air. I saw on one of your posts a possibility of a blown head gasket. It was rebuilt about 8 years ago with just a little over 100k it now has 195k. if email or text is better you can reach me at 1-845-802-3889
    or [email protected]
    durango_coloradoKid ·
    Hello Disco Mike!

    I need some major help with my rover, prob a Head Gasket job. Im located in Denver Colorado. would like to see if you can send me to a show that could do the job for a reasonable price.

    thank you!

    Roverclaud ·
    Hi Mike,
    I need your advise, 04 disco, engine was rebuild 25k ago. It developed a knock which appears to be coming from the lower end, rod knock? I did an oil pressure test, cold idle-55, cold at 2K-58, Hot idle-29, Hot at 2K-24.

    Your advise is much appreciated

    Thank you
    jam220 ·
    Good afternoon, i, having a some issue with my 07 RR 4.4 ever since i change the water pump. After replacing it and bleeding the system the temp went up and then the plug got caught in the fan and chop off the connector plug (i know a lil dumb). I got a pig tail and connect the wires back, fire her up and it wont rev over 2k rpm. Im getting codes p0215 force engine shutdown, MAf code and p0121 Throttle Pedal position sensor. Please give me any feedback that you might have. Thanks
    cancerresearcher84 ·
    Hey Mike I live in Denver and am thinking of buying an Land rover discovery 2 but could certainly use your expertise/advice. I would say i'm an expert DIY mechanic but don't know what I really should be looking for when buying a land rover discovery 2 (like what needs to be avoided, problem areas, etc). Any advice would be appreciated. I'm actually going to look at one today in Centennial. I would be happy to pay you to come with me to check out any future rovers....Paul 7203658100
    infantry02disco ·
    Sir, I have a question for you regarding the RETURN of the 3 amigos. (no not the movie, sorry couldn't help it).
    I have replaced the Shutter Valve bled the system, cleared codes. Drove to work the next day and on my way home the 3 came back on, is there something I could have missed, or is there another possible reason for the 3 amigos?
    tyl604 ·
    Hey Mike. Greetings from Atlanta. Have not seen anything from you for a long time and hope you are OK.

    Please tell me how to get grease in my new front driveshaft 1999 Disco II. The zerks seem to have a ball bearing blocking the passage of grease. Do I need a special grease gun or do I need to push the ball bearings back for the first use - or what???

    What do you suggest?

    Adrain Taylor
    in Atlanta
    saramctavish ·
    Hi Mike. Quick question. I'll give you a brief history. I had a stuck lifter, spent 3000 to fix it, valve job, new gaskets, new heater core etc.... Been over a year, and I still have a stuck lifter. My mechanic will only cover the parts cost to fix it. Not labor. I cant afford that again. He said he used 7 lifters from one source, and one from another. He is no longer my mechanic...... I tried a bottle of Rislone, and it seemed to help a bit, but in the warmer weather, it's still pretty loud. Do you recommend an ATF Flush ? If so, what is the proper way to do that ? Any other suggestions? Thanks so much. You always have great advice. you can also email me directly at [email protected]
    Shane ·
    Hello Disco Mike i have been following your advice here for a long time and now i have an issue that doesn't seem to be an easy solve for me. MY 99 Disco 2 will start just fine and once its warmed up it will not idle by itself. i have to play with the pedal in p or n to keep it running. i believe that there isn't enough rpm's to go once i put it in gear but not sure. And it sounds like my timing is off now as well but not sure what else can cause that. ive replaced the ckps since after a while it would only run once a day really than once it died i would have to wait. now it starts fine again like its been doing for a year now while i drive my car. any thoughts on what i should check?
    CD77 ·
    Hello Sir, hoping it's ok to message you here.
    2003 Disco II Cranks but no start.
    Has spark and fuel pressure, will start with starting fluid but dies, possible the injectors are not getting a Pulse? Replace crank sensor, and cam sensor.
    I'm stumped.
    Thank you
    baghdadguy ·
    Mr Mike- JW in CO. 303-378-1020. Compressor problems. 2000 D2, blowing fuses (one in engine bay). Pump won't come on. I've removed it, cleaned it, put back in, same thing. I have a new pump on the way; hopefully this solves? It just won't come on. D2 runs fine otherwise. 88k mi. Thanks mucho in advance!
    thegails ·
    Hey, Mike,
    Can you tell me the procedure to clean my idle air control valve? I have cleaned by throttle body and performed the SeaFoam induction. I'm having the same issues as other guys with the rough idle and then random stalls at stop lights. No codes.
    Thanks for your help.

    Jeff Gail
    stanislandy ·
    Hey there Mike,
    I've been looking and can't seem to find a link to forum rules on placing classified ads. Selling my 04 Disco and would like to see if fellow LR aficionados may be interested. Can you help? Thanks in advance!
    ggonsa01 ·
    Hi Mike I read the enclosed caption,in regard to mpg from way back. My truck is struggling to get 12 avg via my scan guage. with cruise on at 65mph

    See Below:
    I run a 75/140 synthetic in both diffs. and my t/case, I live at nearly 7000 feet so my engine lost a good 30 horse power and I get an easy 18 MPG on the road as long as I stay under 70 MPH, that is with gears, lockers and axles, so it can be done.
    Howski, those tires hurt you a little, at least a MPG, a roof rack can easily take 1.5 MPG.

    My truck is a 2001 D2 set-up the same is yours but with a rack, not re greared approx 146,000 miles. The following are new 02, plugs, wires 8 mm., air filter. All fluids are change and serviced regularly. Truck runs like a champ no codes etc Tires are 32s KM2 with 40 psi.
    What am I missing? Does the MAF need cleaning or replacing? Is there some thing else?
    The_Disco_Abides ·
    Hey Mike,
    I am going to tackle a driveshaft rebuild this weekend and was wondering if you would be able to send me this PDF you speak of? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also thanks for all the info you have posted already!
    email: [email protected]
    david013 ·
    Hi Mike, I wanted to ask if you've ever seen a flywheel disintegrate into shrapnel and come through the bell housing. I got the discovery that I just picked up running and the loud clanking noise that I feared was the liners turned out to be a torque converter/ flywheel issue. I'm going to drop the transmission and replace both parts but I wanted to see if you've ever heard of an issue like this?
    GeorgeS_83 ·
    Good day Mike,
    Was wondering if you can give more detail in your checklist of like what brand and weight for the engine oil, and power steering fluid. For the spark plugs, is Bosch better than NGK or Champion?
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