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  • Simister ·
    Hey, the drain tube is busted on my front sunroof. How do I repair it correctly?

    The nipple is broke off flush with the drain. Can I just plug it, or put a smaller tube inside it?
    bb4wheels ·
    In most cases we have found the Sheet Metal Roof in that area located right behind the Opening of the rear Roof would rise up and Warp the Plastic Trim Ring in which the Sunroof Glass & Seal are Located. Thus the Sunroof Glass is unable to make Total Contact to the Seal. This is NOT a Seal Issue.

    In order to resolve the Problem, The Headliner Board Needs to be removed, Rear Sunroof Removed, Remove the Caulking between the Rail and the Sheet Metal Roof, ReSeal Sunroof Gasket between Metal Roof and Plastic Trim Ring and Hope the Plastic Trim RIng is able to flatten just enough to close the gap.

    Where can i get a new trim ring for the rear, mine is clearly warped and the roof doesnt seat right at all, i can tel because it just started rattling while its shut now!

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