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  • jennina1 ·

    I wanted to apologize for my remarks and attitude.
    You are absolutely right, some of this goes over my head, and I realize
    I was being short/rude to you; I think
    due to my recent unemployment & frustration in general with life, but I didn't need to take it out on you....
    I am not HOLIER THAN THO', by any means - & that was way wrong too. I'm learning lessons.

    I would like to learn more & develop 'skills', this is my only
    car & I don't have money for another - I love the rover, got it in bad shape but good cost & when I get another job, I'd love to get it outfitted better for off-road, that's on down the line -
    I need off-road for volunteer water testing (restoring trout streams from damage by coal mining), can't get there w/ truck running wise, & ground clearance.

    Again, I apologize for my remarks & attitude, & have learned something about myself. I hope you will accept.

    In your experience, what would you suggest I start doing to help boost my skills? Al
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