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  • quangchac ·
    lớp học kế toán tại thanh xuân liên tục
    hành học kế toán tại cầu giấy . Nếu
    Bởi trung tâm kế toán tại hà đông kh
    n đã dịch vụ kế toán trọn gói tại long biên được luật thì
    học kế toán tại vĩnh phúc
    n đã dia chi hoc ke toan tai minh khai được
    thông lop hoc ke toan tai bac ninh doanh
    h lớp học kế toán tổng hợp tại hà nội dễ bị
    quangchac ·
    - hoc ke toan o viet hung
    - hoc ke toan tai cau giay
    - hoc ke toan o ha dong
    - lớp học kế toán thực hành ở hải phòng
    thạo -học kế toán ở biên hoà
    thêm đào tạo kế toán tại bắc ninh
    chia sẻ trung tâm kế toán tại cần thơ
    dịch vụ kế toán
    flyfishinwishin ·

    i have (my 18 yr old sons) a 2000 LR Disco 2 leaking antifreeze out head left side near rear of engine...running fine so i expect to replace head gasket kit and have heads machined....

    with that i think i need the gasket kit and bolt kit you have talked about in other that correct? am i missing anything? what is the cost of those parts shipped to Georgia?

    Thx in advance! Scot
    Mlewellen1 ·
    Hello pt. My name is Matt. I have a 2004 discovery and I live in Columbus indiana. I see a lot of your posts as I'm reading. Do you have a shop that services LR? And are u distributing parts? I am planning some work this summer and just trying to get a plan together.
    95RRC_Beast ·
    I bench tested both of my condenser fans today with 12v power supply and neither one would run. I am needing two of them to replace let me know if you have any and shipping to 29466.
    95 range rover 4x4 ·
    i figured ill ask you the question i got directly since im not getting much feedback and i need to order my new tires soon. i remembered you saying you got 35 inch tires to fit on ur 2 inch lift. i do drive my truck to work and back everyday so its just not a off roading truck. im confused if i want 33s or 35s if 35s will fit nicely. i found a set of 35x12.5.15 that are baja claws that are nice. and the 33s i want also is a 12.5. i would like to know which tires will be the best for me the 33s or 35s without putting alot of strain on everything. the rims im going to order is the cragar solf 8 rims with a 4inch off set will that be good enough so no rubbing? and i have a classic
    Thank you very much
    Rover_Goose ·
    Glad to see you are still around and offering advice. I just got my 98 Running again and going through a slew of new things lol.

    The Moose ·
    Hey PT. Do you stock Panhard rod bushings for an 02 D2 at your place? If you can get me a price close to theirs, id rather order them from you than from I'm also looking for "upgrade" brake rotors. I really like the Terrafirma slotted fronts and solid rears or something similar in design and cost if you have anything.

    my cell is 609 828 9139

    Disco Mike ·
    I am trying to help an 85 year old lady who owns a 97 D1, only has 37,000 miles on it. Her power steering gear box lock nut for the gear box adjustment screw, keeps coming loose causing a pretty goof fluid leak and the steering gets very loose.
    Could you call me, 303-856-3328 or can you send me your number so I can pick your brain?
    zieselp ·
    PT, Hi! I have an issue with my transmission and DiscoMike said to run it by you. my cell is 318-416-7691

    PTSchram ·
    It is rare, but possible for a single portion of the coil to fail. Remove the coil-pack and inspect the coil tower very carefully, looking for a crack or carbon tracking.

    I have new coil-packs for $115 shipped.
    Roverconvert ·
    PT - Hey there! I am new to Rovers...have a D2 2004, recently complelty rebuilt, new wires,etc. recently started having missfires on plug one. Spark tester revealed no spark. Is it possible for a coil pack to go bad on one port. I measured the wire and it is not open
    IF so, do you have some DIY procedure for removal and install of driver side coilpack?
    Derek ·
    Oil change info in owners handbook (pg 167 - DII) I've always have filled oil filter on turbo cars so turbo didn't pull a "dry start". But after seeing long oil pick-up tube on Rovers - I had my suspicions.
    Derek ·
    Something of interest & might explain so many oil pump problems. This is excerpt from Land Rover service manual
    "Oil filter renewal
    NOTE: To avoid draining the oil pump, it is essential that the engine is filled with oil to the correct level, before the filter is removed. It is therefore recommended that the engine oil is renewed before work on the filter commences."
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