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  • quangchac ·
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    Doug Myers ·
    It dawned on me I can speak to a Special Agent w/o taking the 5th ha ha

    I believe I need to freshen the rods and main bearings and I thought I might just roll the new bearings in. I do not know if any of the rod or main bolts are TTY, and if so, could you enlighten me so I could scrounge the correct ARP fasteners.

    This was something we did many times on small block Chevys and Fords when young and poor, have you known anyone to do the 4.0 in the frame with success or failure. I really do not want to pull the motor until it's time for the swap. Hope all is well up there you...Be Safe

    wolfrover ·
    Nice lr2 mine was a 2004, winch bumper lifted toyos. Luvd it. Rotten frame. 4.6. Huge balls.luvd snuggin up to it at night. Whenever I saw him, he was always crying come inside me. Never turned him Down. Nohomo.
    15mpg ·
    Ebay sent me this link just yesterday.
    Thought you might find it of interest.
    The ARP studs alone list at $266.

    Victor Reinz gasket set with ARP stud set @ $385 USD.

    Land Rover V8 Arp 157 4301 Head Stud Kit Victor Reinz HS54696 Head Gasket Set | eBay

    redtruck12 ·
    So.... I guess nobody knows whether front and rear bearings for a d2 are interchangeable. Next question is where is the best place to buy (price and quality)?
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