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  • quangchac ·
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    jerichobrady ·
    I have an 05 lr3 SE with 147,000 miles. Just bought a month ago. I do not have service records of previous owners so I'm going to go ahead and have all fluids, and filters changed including belts. Where do I find recommended replacement items such as: oil and filter, air filter, rear axle oil, fuel filter, transmission fluid, plugs and any other maintanance items. Also frequency of servicing.
    MattyLR3 ·
    Hey buddy,

    I just joined the site and have a quick question for you. I recently had Firestone tell me my front bearings were bad on my 08 LR3 HSE, which I had already started to detect because of the faint noise. I am looking to order the parts, and had 2 questions -

    1 - They said bearings, but should I get the hub and bearing set, or just bearings? I don't mind either way, just want to do it the right way.
    2 - Is there a specific brand or type I should get? They all seem pretty similar, but I am looking at these: ValuePro, Beck/Arnley, Raybestos, Timkin, MOOG, SKF.

    The ValuePro seemed similar to the others, but were drastically cheaper at 80 a piece. Beck/Arnley are around 120, Timken and Raybestos and MOOG around 160, SKF 200+

    I just want to make sure I am getting a good part, that wont flake apart or make noise etc., and mostly drive on the highway/downtown, maybe a beach, but no off road.

    Thanks so much for all your help, I really appreciate it.

    brandonfsmith8 ·
    Okay, I have removed all of the pieces you suggested (battery, batt housing, fan, fan housing, air box, etc) I even removed the front grill (because someone else said so) but I still can not get the radiator out. I have removed the temp sensor and the hose to the thermostat, the screws up top on on the back of the radiator (facing the fan). what am I missing? please help and advise me what I should be doing and do next. Thank you so much in advance
    dhburnell ·
    I have the same issue on my 2005 RR. The battery is dead and I can't get in with the key to jump it. Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.
    garrbo ·
    My navigation system used to talk to me in a very nice British voice. While the rest of the navigation system works the voice is gone and I depend on it very much as I don't like having to read the maps while driving. What controls the voice and how can I get it back?
    Aannddrreeww ·
    Hi there.
    So the last couple days i have had trouble getting my key out of the ignition. The shift interlock is not releasing every time. Hoping you may have an idea what i can do?
    Thanks in advance

    dave3350 ·
    I have that 1472 code, your post said the VIS motors dont go bad, II know my PVC piping is old, what else could cause this code to pop up?
    jakobh1 ·
    I Have 2004 freelander. 10 codes P1319 p1149 p0304 p0300p0302p0305p0306
    p0171p0174p0174p1472. I replaced the pugs and wires, last summer. Had no codes for 4 months. Now all these. It runs very sluggish. needs to wrm up for a long time in order for it to move at all. A quite shushhhhhhing sound when you ress on gas. Bad gas millage! only use 92 grade gas, but am often on empty.
    What do I do next? Thank you for your willingness to share your knowledge.

    dubairover ·
    Hi there,

    I've just got my hands on a 2005 HSE LR3. Its awesome. The only problem is that the parking sensors aren't working properly. The light on the dashboard button is flashing, and does not turn off even when I'm cruising above 10mph. When I first bought the car, the sensor worked fine, but now whenever I'm reversing, it doesn't seem to work at all. How do I reset or reactivate the parking sensors.

    Your help would be hugely appreciated.
    Perrodulce ·
    Hello, I appreciate your offer to answer questions. I am about to purchase a 2006 Range Rover HSE Supercharged with 51K and it is absolutely pristine. Are there any inherent problems besides the air suspension and radiator (both of which have been replaced) that I should be concerned about? The warranty runs out July 29, 2012. Thank you!
    Aannddrreeww ·
    Anouther thing the faults dont come on if i hold the brake in when i sart the car until i release the brake petal. So where ever the. CUrrent goes to when the petal is released is where the prob is??? Sorry im obssesing over this
    melissa.butler1 ·
    Hi, i am in dire straits �� and i too am about to smash my window ��.. I noticed in an earlier post you helped another lady get into her dead land rover??? Is there any way you can please help? Pleeeaaasssee ��
    njosixRRS ·
    hello i have a 2006 range rover sport iam hearing a whistling noise seems like its coming from the left side tire..any idea what it could be?
    asaakian ·
    Hi, hope you can help. I have a 06 lr3 SE and I'm having heater issues. When the heater is first turned on, it blows hot air for a few seconds and then goes to room temperature to semi worm. Can you please assist?
    wife'srover ·
    Your are a popular guy. Quick one about front windows. Driver side motor works, switch works but no power to leads in door, and I can hear the relay clicking, a bit different than the passenger side. Is there an ECU on my 04' Disco SE? If so do the front windows run through it? Or just the relays?
    terence718 ·
    Hey bro I had a question. My 2002 disco is getting p0305 p0303 codes and it sounds live a vette when i start it up. also i have a very sluggish take off. things done so far are both coil packs plugs and wires. now the wires wasnt magnecor but i go them from foreign car parts place they are call STI made by karlyn i believe. so im not sure if this is equivalent to the magnecor thanks for any advce.
    wigmar2 ·
    AC system looses airflow on really hot days. Fine for short drives but if it is a long drive on a hot day we lose air flow after about half an hour.
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