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  1. Tach,Temp, Fuel gauge and Speedo are dead

    Range Rover Classic
    What fuse was loose?
  2. RRC, best truck ever?

    Range Rover Classic
    I was just thinking about this the other day. I couldn't come up with anything that could top my 89. No air bag to blow up in my face, No ABS to fail. No anti-sway bars to disconnecet. Sure she sways side to side with a bit of tire squeel on those hard corners. No air bags to fail. I always...
  3. Range Rover Classic Fuel Pumps

    Tech & DIY
    that is great to here. I bet the pump is dirt cheep compared to the OEM.
  4. backfire through intake

    Range Rover Classic
    I have noticed the same thing that happens to me when I let is sit for a while. By a while I mean around 2 to 4 weeks. I also noticed that my idle was off. I adjusted my idle to around 600 - 700 in gear at a stop. That seemed to help. I should check my timming though.
  5. $$$Roof rack$$$

    Range Rover Classic
    I have no idea of what brand of rack that is on my rover. It has six mount points on the rain rail and powercoated. It is from the sunroof back. I have a spare, hi lift, shovel, everyday and what ever else I might need for a trip. In this pic I had a big colemen grill, two tents, 10 gal of...
  6. tick tock noise in dash

    Range Rover Classic
    I had a ticking noise that would speed up when my speed increassed. It was the right angle piece that connects to the speedometer and cable.
  7. films w/ LR's in them......................

    The Lounge
    The Saint- RR
1-7 of 7 Results