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General Information

Land Rover
Disco I, 4.0
Alpine White with Tan interior
SE7 package with rear jump seats, tinted windows, dual AC, dual sunroofs, automatic
I bought this truck in 1999 with about 15K miles on it. It came equipped with the LR A-Bar and a set of Safari lamps.

I had the dealer install a set of LR running boards and replace a broken fog lamp. (The running boards were loose and falling off by the time I drove 8 miles home... The fog lamp turned out to be an old, used one that leaked and got filled with water before I rebuilt it.) Lessons learned... Don't let the dealer work on it!
1997 Land Rover Disco I, 4.0 (Alpine White with Tan interior)


Only minor engine related mods... Upgraded plug wires to Magnecor years ago. Have used K&N filter since I got the truck, too.

I'm toying with the idea of more extensive engine mods. Chatted with the guys from Rimmer Bros at a car show a year or two ago and am interested in their 4.9L and 5.2L engine kits.

Speaking of under the hood... the hood liner is sagging. Trying to decide whether to replace, put in some aluminum bracing to keep it iin place better, or just throw the whole thing away. Hate this kind of crap. A $45K vehicle (when it was new) shouldn't have these kinds of issues!

Looking into exhaust systems... Would like headers and somewhat oversized dual exhaust in stainless steel... should be doable.
Pretty much stock tan interior. Haven't ever used the load space cover (it's in storage). The only LR interior accessoies are black rubber floor mats, load space mat and a dog guard (the latter is also in storage). Might remove the one jump seat to increase load space and make packing the vehicle for trips a little easier.

Recently installed a trailer brake controller and added wiring to charge trailer batteries.

Looking to replace the self-dimming, self-destructing rear view mirror and a few other bits that are broken.... and replace some lamps in a few of the switches that have burnt out... and that damned clock lamp (again!).

Some of the headliner is drooping... Why can't they build $45K cars a little better?
Lamp guards all the way around.

Replaced the plastic LR Safari lamps with much, much nicer metal Hella 4000 at less than the cost of replacing the cheapo Safari lamp that had cracked badly. The plastic grills on the Safari lamps were falling off all the time, too. Lost one in a car wash or somewhere along the trail.

LR tire cover would no longer fit after I went to slightly oversized tires... A plain, black $15 cover from the local O'Really? auto parts store looks and works great for three or more years now.

Planning to trim the front bumper ends and remove the stock fog lamps/air dam for clearance. I'll probably rig up a pair of Hella 500 fog lamps to replace the stock fog lamps.

I recently got a new-old-stock "Saudi Grill" that's going to the paint shop soon and will be fitted in place of the stock grill.

Thinking about adding fender vents. There's a lot of heat under the hood.

Have toyed with getting a set of Disco II fender trim and installing it. Haven't done that yet, either, though.

Might add some skid plates, especially after I trim the front air dam.
Just the stock radio and CD player.
OME HD Springs (about 1" lift, compared to stock.. and non-progressive)
Bilstien shocks and steering dampener.

Have a complete set of "soft" urethane bushings I intend to install some time. Still in the box, though.

I do some towing with this truck, so might be beefing up the suspension some more.... I don't really want to raise or lower it, am happy with the approx. 1" lift I've got now.
Wheel and Tire
Stock "deep dish" alloy wheels, including the spare now... all fitted with 245/75/16 Pirelli Scorpion tires. Due for new tires soon, but Pirelli no longer makes this tire.

Front brakes were upgraded to slotted/drilled rotors. ABS is disabled, but not competely removed. Even with stock pads, instead of replacing every 15 to 20K miles, I'm getting 40K on a set of pads now. Slotted/drilled rotors are a bit noisy, I'm doing a brake rebuild soon and will likely go with a little less aggressive design.

I'd like to explore retrofitting Disco II full ventilated rotors and matching calipers on this truck, again I'm towing a lot with it so any extra stopping power would be a good thing (in the event trailer brakes don't work).


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