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General Information

Land Rover
Discovery II
Epsom Green
Winter Package, Fog Lights, Cruise Control, Tow Package, Dealer installed Brush Bar with Hella lights
Chronos was purchased off the lot by a woman in 1999 and well looked after by her until the fall of 2015. He then became my first car and I haven't stopped working on him since! His paint is impeccable and the interior is in great shape as well. He currently has around 195,000 miles.

Since I've had him I've replaced the following:

- E-brake boot
- Hi-Low shifter boot
- Armrest hinge cap
- Horn buttons (modified so they won't break again)
- Wheel center caps
- Cargo space cover
- Front sunroof tray (broken drain hose)
- Headliner
- Pins securing trunk door panel
- Fuel pump
- ABS solenoid actuator
- Front 12v outlet
- Water pump
- Front engine cover gasket (twice)
- Oil pan gasket (twice)
- Upper coolant hoses
- Both small plastic coolant hoses
- Both normal idler pulleys
- Power steering pump
- Spark plugs
- Spark plug cables
- Redone wheel arches
- Crankshaft position sensor (twice)
- Front bumper (repaired with fiberglass)
- Headlight bulbs
- Head gaskets
- O2 sensors
- Oil filter multiple times (obviously)
- Restored brush bar
- Front passenger window motor
- One of the driver's seat motors

The following are pending repairs:
- Head gaskets (all upper engine gaskets)
- Master cylinder
1999 Land Rover Discovery II (Epsom Green)


Chronos has the stock 4.0 litre v8 with no performance upgrades or modifications.
Interior Modifications and Additions:

- Installed AUX switches for rack lights
- Trunk door grab handle and cargo space grab handles (Chronos is not an SE7 model)
- Dog guard
- Cargo space cover
- Rubber floor mats
- Cup holders
- Painted the headliner
- Bedlined the protective tray in the trunk
Permanent Modifications and Additions:

- Standard Voyager Rack
- Four IPF 968CSG 100W halogen lights on rack
- FarmTek flooring for rack
- 2-inch TerraFirma Lift
- 32 inch BFG KO2s
- Rear ladder
- Blacked out lettering
- Plasti-dipped rims
- Flipped spare tire carrier
- Rear light guards

Seasonal Modifications and Additions (Christmas):

- Red, Orange, Green, and Blue lenses over lights (might get you pulled over in some places)
- Wreath with bow on brush bar
- Large bow on spare tire
- Christmas lights lining the rack
Chronos still has the original Land Rover speakers, which sound awful, and Stock Cassette, Radio, and CD players. (I use a cassette converter for my phone and listen to Tool from the 6-track CD player)

I have also created a Lego replica of Chronos.
Chronos has been fitted with a TerraFirma medium duty 2" lift.
Wheel and Tire
Chronos originally had a set of 255/65R16 Firestone Destination LEs (About 29-inch diameter) but has since been fitted with a full set of 265/75/R16 BFG KO2s (About 32-inch diameter).



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