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In the spring of 2016 I bought a 2004 SE7 in silver. On the test drive it ran really poorly. There was no power and it had an intermittent misfire and the steering box and power steering pump were shot. The guy had bought it as a project to build with his father in law who was a retired mechanic and had passed away leaving him no ability to advance the project without spending a ton of money. The owner went on and on about how he'd told lots of people that they couldn't buy it from him because he had to sell it to someone who "really knew Land Rovers". Ok - I'll prove my chops. I went around and pointed out all the issues with it, talked about having owned two Land Rovers in the past and how much of my own maintenance I do, heck, I have a car-lift in my garage. (I'm a computer nerd by trade, but need to use my hands too!) The owner seemed a little butt-hurt as I went around pointing out obvious oversights or halfass work like a stripped out exhaust manifold stud with a cross threaded nut 1/2 way on. Needless to say the Disco needed a lot of work. He was asking $6,200 and because of all problems I found (along with ones he probably knew about but didn't mention) I negotiated a price of $3,800. I liked the color, the body was in great shape and so was the interior.

I drove it home and it drove like crap. No power, misfiring like crazy, etc. I got it home and made my plan; I was going to solve the massive oil leaks from the top-end and figure out the problem causing the lean condition and misfires. During disassembly I found that most of the nuts and bolts on the top-end of the engine were only finger-tight. The intake manifold was missing two bolts entirely which was allowing unmetered air into the mix. The spark plugs in cylinders 5 & 7 had nearly no electrodes left - a sure sign of long term lean running. It looked like I found the cause of the lean condition. Because the previous owner had no clue what he was doing, he driven on it like that for a while and had totally burned out the cat on that side which is now is reading 0.02 efficiency. Toast. I'm going to try running with an O2 sensor "faker" for a while and see how that goes.

To save a super long story, I made many improvements as I worked including resolving the oil leaks, the lean condition and the random misfires. I replaced the alternator with a 250A alternator, replaced the power steering pump (it wasn't even the right pump installed) and replaced the steering box. I HATE viscous fans so replaced that by customizing a dual electric fan from Flex-A-Lite and installing it. I drained and flushed out all the Dex and replaced it with good ol' green. I also added a coil relocation kit to bring the ignition coils out into the light and put on a set of 8mm Magnecors. I've done a ton of work to the interior to add some features I thought it should have and have tried very hard to maintain a stock appearance inside. I want it to look refined as if it came with all these features.
2004 Land Rover Discovery (Silver)


Dual Flex-a-Lite Electric Engine Cooling Fans (viscous fan delete) Link to album: [url][/url]
New Water Pump & Thermostat
Aluminum coolant "T" connector
Dumped the Dex and converted to good-ol green
K&N Filter
Added a 10 Circuit Fuse Block
Ignition Coil Relocation Kit
8mm Magnecor Plug Wires
250A Alternator
New Headliner
Replaced the bad rear sunroof motor
Installed seat heaters for the second and third row seats
Disco 1 Dash Switch Pack Replacing Ashtray
Custom "Survival Strap" Grab Handles
Rear Seat Power Outlet
Disco1 Dash Switch For Rear Door Work Lights
Disco1 Dash Cup Holder
Disco1 Coin Tray (Not Drawer) Replacing Ashtray
Hardwired CB
Hardwired GMRS Radio In Overhead Storage Above Driver
Disco 1 Front & Rear Wiper Arms (plastic arms suck!)
ARB 3432120 Bumper
Hood Blackout
Inverted Spare Tire Bracket
KC Daylighters on "x2" Binnacle Switch
LR3/4 Rooftop GPS / XM Antenna
Homemade Saudi Grill
Rear Door Worklights on 3D Printed Brackets
Terrafirma front skid plate
Aftermarket Stereo
6.5" JBL Rear Door Subs (total pain in the butt and I don't recommend unless you have a lot of patience and an angle grinder)
OME HD Shocks / Springs Front & Rear
OME Steering Stabilizer
Firestone Ride-Rite Rear Airbag Overriders
Wheel and Tire
Stock SE Wheels
BFG AT KO2 265/65/18



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