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General Information

Land Rover
Feb 2017 Purchased at 109k miles
Wiring harness was pinched tween the carpet and the plate that holds the driver's kick panel. Found a frayed wire there, no symptoms (repaired).

March 2017 Multiple suspension faults - New battery fixed them. Garaged 1 week.

April 2017 Key fob stopped working - Resoldered passenger door sill wires.
Mult susp faults, RR wheel drop. Dryer cracked, rear valve block corroded. Repaired both. Garaged 2 weeks.

May 2017 Ashtray wouldn't close - Its return spring popped out. Glued tin to the "T" end of the spring so it would grab.
Headlights were always rediculously low - adjusted them and the foglights.

June 2017 Intermittent Cruise Control fault. Tore down switch and cleaned contacts.
Rear passenger door latch wouldn't lock, Rear upper hatch wouldn't open. Resolved with lubricant.

July 2017 Trailer hitch stuck, Broken key, and no wiring harness (odd).
Hammered the latch pin to remove hitch. Dismantled and cleaned hitch. Made a wiring harness. Key still broken.

Aug 2017 Replaced flimsy OEM scissors jack with aftermarket

Sep 2017 Fuel line connector broke at front of tank. Fuel all over cat converter. Towed home. Reconnected fuel line. Garaged 1 week.

Oct 2017 Installed missing crossbars $100
Faded trim - chemicals don't last.
Cowl warped, water behind battery.
Added gasket to cowl, siliconed hood gasket, duct taped heater air intake, sealed edges of water channel under cowl.

Nov 2017 Intermittent no start, wouldn't finish self check. Cleaned neg bat wire and all ground wires. Garaged for a week. It worked fine for a month.

Dec 2017 Low voltage warning on radio, radio shuts off. Increased voltage threshold on radio hidden menu, worked.
Lug nuts swollen, distorted, and rattling, replaced all.

Jan 2018 Intermittent no start returned, starter clicks. Adjusted shift linkage, cleaned fuses, no joy. Replaced starter, fixed. Garaged 3 weeks.

Feb 2018 Transmission started slipping, esp in mornings. Thought it might be from subzero(F) temps.

March 2018 Garaged 2 months while I research and address transmission problem. .

April 2018 Found Mechatronic sleeve leak. Replaced sleeve and did pan swap.

May 2018 Parking brake jammed. Garaged 2 weeks. Replaced hardware.

June 2018 SRS warning light... hard reset, wiggled seat wires.
New metal tranny pan leaking. Retorqued.

What's next? Is this what it's like to own an LR3?!

Still to do:
1. The wiring harness under the driver's seat gets pinched between the carpet and the plate that holds the kick panel. One wire was broken (repaired). I'm not sure how to properly route the harness. Anyone have a photo?
2. Extended rails for the roof
3. Blower motor (behind glove box) sounds like a cricket. The noise stops when I brake (weird)
2005 Land Rover LR3



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