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Land Rover
In 2011, I spent a considerable amount of time choosing what my next car would be, after I saw that my Crown Victoria's days were numbered. After so many years of driving a car I disliked, I wanted something that I would love, something fairly unique, and definitely something comfortable. I wasn't entirely settled on a Freelander, but when one of the ultra-rare two-door half-convertible models popped up on Ebay, for a fair price with surprisingly low mileage, I jumped on it. Unfortunately, it was one mechanical nightmare after another, and off-roading it was hopeless, so after two years of ownership, I traded it in on a true dream car, something I wanted for many, many years; an Audi TT.
2003 Land Rover Freelander (Blue)


No modifications, but I had to have most of the engine rebuilt when the camshaft seized. And it later blew a head gasket as a result of that repair (not going to that mechanic again).
- Removed OEM roof rack
- Added soft-top for cargo area
- Added driving lights and fog lights
- OEM brush guard added by previous owner
- HAM radio antenna (2m/440) on tailgate, near hinge
- ProClip phone mount
- Replaced stereo with Pioneer MVH-P8300BT, with Bluetooth cellphone interface (microphone installed on top of gauge cluster), connected to original speakers/amp
- Installed Icom IC-208H 2m/440 HAM radio (control head on ceiling just above driver's head)
- Custom-designed and installed microphone clip for HAM radio that automatically mutes the stereo when the mic is lifted (initially accomplished by connecting the cellphone-mute wire on first aftermarket stereo, but the newer stereo didn't have that wire, so I cut power to the amp instead).
Wheel and Tire
Stock wheels, but since I pretty much gave up on ever off-roading it, I added low-rolling-resistance tires for a more efficient highway ride.


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