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General Information

Land Rover
Range Rover County (Classic)
Carmine Red
Factory Brush Bar, Rear Lamp Guards, Chromed 5 spoke rims, A/D/S sound system
Did the research before I bought and found exactly what I wanted. Last of the classics without the goofy soft dash. One owner - a rich woman's second car, only used for light local stuff and towing her horse trailer on occasion. Serviced loyally at the Land Rover Dealership in Santa Barbara. It was a 9.5 out of 10 when I bought it and was a local Ojai car that came through a local mechanic and family friend. Car wasn't even for sale yet... and I found this woman her next car - a 1 year old Toyota Sequoia. She paid $36k for that and I got the rover for $7200 in 2003 with 70k miles on it. I hope her Yota has been good to her... I always felt I got the way better end of the deal. Some people just have to have new.

She had already done the EAS conversion. Otherwise everything was stock. Seat heaters, cruise control and I guess the auto dimming rear view mirror (how exactly does it?) have never worked.

I have had the car 13 years now and it just clicked over 190k miles. Still running strong.

AC went out a few years ago. $1500 estimate to replace the supposed culprit - $25 expansion valve. Reason given is it's behind the dash. Still looking for a way to fix this. Blower only works on highest speed.

This rover has been to Mexico, Burning Man, and Saline Valley, The Sierras, Joshua tree etc several times on deep expeditions, but mostly drives me around Ojai and to LA. I live an hour from Hungry Valley off road park... I'll have to get over there sometime, to try some maneuvers, but I'm mainly into going to way out places where the stars shine and the hotsprings bubble. I'm considering driving it to Tierra Del Fuego (southern Chile) once all mods are done. That would be epic.

Transfer case started slipping on hills. Clack Clack! Found a used one through, some nice rover nut in Colorado for $250 had it shipped straight to my mechanic in SB who installed it for $1200. That's been my most expensive single fix yet.

Everybody warned me against getting an RR, but I have been lucky. Great car, and In 13 years I've hardly had to do much to keep it running. It's never made me walk except one time flat tire in the city when I ran over something.
Always starts.
It's love.
1994 Land Rover Range Rover County (Classic) (Carmine Red)


Not much here so far. Hasn't needed it. I may have done the water pump once years ago.

Put a Sears Diehard Platinum in it. Can't say enough good about this battery. i'll add a second one to the other side, just move the Power Steering can and that silly air intake snout. I took it off a week ago and the engine runs stronger anyway.


Really need to find an economic way to repair the AC.

I'll probably make the exo-cage downpipe on the drivers side A pillar extra wide, and open it up to create a snorkel out of it too. Simple.
New dark grey Alacantera Headliner put in Oct 2015. Bought the nice micro suede material online and had a local upholstery shop glue it. I removed and replaced the headliner board myself. Total Cost about $200... and it's a major improvement over stock. If you do this I highly recommend dark grey... your eyes will thank you and it feels much better than white.

Replaced dome lights, puddle lights, door lights and engine hood light with LEDs. Red inside to keep night vision. Red LED license plate lights too.

Carpet. Mine are fine... but soon I'll replace with dark grey to match headliner.

Ultimately I'd love to replace all my seats and even door panels with grey leather instead of the tan sorrel. Back seat is still perfect. Driver has the typical hole in the seat from entering and exiting.
I'd love info about fitting newer disco or rangie seats in it. Then I'll look for some salvaged at a good price.

As usual all the "wood" trim is cracked and peeling. I peeled then sanded the window button panel on the cubby and just did a satin clear coat right on the base ply wood. It looks pretty good and I may do it to all the wood trim someday. No cool kits available unfortunately. Someone should make some brushed aluminum kit IMO.

My top dash got scratched up and I'm considering covering it with matching grey REAL suede or leather.

Not having working AC for a couple years makes me conscious of how hot the cabin gets. So I'll be putting 3M crystal tint on all the windows soon. 95% heat rejection with a medium/dark tint.
So far just the oxidized and aging paint that comes from parking outside for 13 years in California.

I have a removable rack now, but also have plans and designs for a custom semi-exo cage low profile rack... I've yet to see anything like my design. I want to be able to climb on it, walk on it and attach crazy lights and PA sound system for deep desert dance parties.

Looking for a used ARB style front winch bumper. I may take one without the bull bar / brush guard and make that part custom as I want to be able to have removable pipes that extend from brush guard to the exo cage so I can put a temporary floor, floating over the hood. This is for space cowboys style party mode of course.... and will make an awesome DJ stage, or fun place for kids to ride.

If I get this far, I might as well do the back bumper too and add a swing away with Jerry Can and maybe spare tire to the outside, making more room inside and avoiding too much top heavy having them on the roof. I want to have a nice water system up there with a gravity feed spigot / outdoor shower.

I'll be replacing the headlights with new LED headlights soon. Will also add flush mount LED reverse lights that I can turn on manually as well for bright work lights or letting the guy behind me know he's tailgating. once the new rack is built I'll have all kinds of special effects lights mounted on it.

Looking at peel and stick solar panels for the roof which should also mitigate some heat in the cab while keeping my battery topped off. Or if I get stuck in the boonies with a dead battery... wait long enough in the sun for a charge to start.

Possible wheel arch extenders depending on what the next set of tires will be.

I've always wanted to put a crop circle graphic on the hood.
I just Replaced the head unit with a Pioneer MVH-X560BT
and the door and rear ceiling speakers with 4" Kicker 40CS44
Purchased from Crutchfield.
These drop-in and work very well for a good price.

I now have an 8 inch dash mounted android tablet running dashdroid app and the new head unit can pair with multiple Bluetooth devices that show up as selectable options on the head unit. It even comes with rear mounted USB connector which i ran to the android tablet and and a mini plug input with an extension I ran into the cubby... so anyone can connect and charge.
The head unit also comes with a mic I mounted at the top of the drivers A pillar for phone calls and voice control.
All in all not a bad upgrade for this old beast. Just need a working subwoofer now to complete it.

So now my rangie joins the digital age and I can talk to it like a newer car for calls, siri etc.

I'm not sure what the fascination with original radios is. GB4x4radios makes a business of it. This is so much better... changed my whole relationship with my car.
Upgraded to TerraFirma Medium duty springs with 2" lift and matching shocks. Stiff empty and dreamy loaded up and off road.

May add one more inch suspension lift to accommodate new tires. Considering softer springs as the combo of medium duty with the LT rated tires makes a stiff ish ride. And I'm all about comfort.
I'll add longer braided SS brake lines on the next brake job, along with all new hub bearings etc.

Will replace all bushings soon. Do the poly bushings make the ride even stiffer than rubber?
Wheel and Tire
I bought the Toyo Open Country ATs in 245/75R16 before I did the lift.
Only had to slightly adjust the turn stops due to inside rubbing when fully locked. Lost a tad of turning radius, but not much.
I can't say enough good about these tires. They must have 80k miles on them and lots of tread left. When I bring them in to rotate I always ask them to re-balance... and they never need it.
Phenomenal tires... very quiet and fine for most light off road.

Since it's been my daily driver and like most, it's on pavement so I stopped at ATs. As I'm planning to get an SL55 or CL55 to take over my daily duties, my next set will be Toyo Open Country RTs. These are perfectly between ATs and MTs and may be the last tire I need to buy for this rig if they last as long as my last set. I understand the smallest they come is 265/75R16... about an inch taller and wider, so I'll have to see what's needed to fit them. I don't want to do a body lift... may raise suspension one more inch and have to add spacers... which means cutting wheel arches. I don't want to change the geometry of handling too much. I find uber lifted vehicles ridiculous unless they are dedicated crawlers.

I would also love to have a set of the older 3 spoke RR wheels. They are truly unique. Not sure how rated they are for off roading, but Id' be willing to try and break one. Let me know if you want to trade for my nice shiny chrome 5 spokes.



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