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  1. Freelander / LR2
    2008 LR2 smog failure - 160,000 miles - needs a lot of engine work done. Local shop says an engine swap is the better option. Looking for someone who will take it off my hands!
  2. Freelander / LR2
    I have 08 LR2 SE and currently running 5w30 Castrol edge synthetic. I'm at 170k now and wanted to know if I would benefit switching to Castrol gtx HIGH MILEAGE blend. Thanks.
  3. Freelander / LR2
    Drove 300km today and I topped up with coolant before I set off but immediately got a low coolant warning with A check engine light. pulled over and the engine started to over heat under load. Waited around 15 minutes for it to cool down and checked the coolant and it was bubbling hot. Put in...
  4. Freelander / LR2
    I am considering buying a 2008 LR2 SE. It has had two owners and been well maintained as evidenced on Carfax records. It drives well and is perfect for my needs. Two things are concerning me and am wondering if those more familiar with the brand could give me advice. 1.) It has a barely...
1-5 of 5 Results