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  1. Discovery 3 / LR3
    Newer owner, 2006 LR3 while changing plugs (No.5?) rear driver side. Coil pack bolt was spinning, about to the point of breaking it, with chisels & all got it out! Ran fine for couple hundred 9 codes P302 P305 P306 P300 P316 P2401 P0447 P0356 P2408 Now what?? well reset & starting w...
  2. Freelander / LR2
    I recently acquired my first landrover. It's a 2003 freelander se with 98000 miles. I hooked it up to a scanner. It shows 4 different codes. A p0306 which I know the coil pack needs replaced. Next was a p1477 and my scanner says no Dts information available see service manual. Any idea what...
1-2 of 2 Results