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  1. Importing a Defender from South Africa into New Zealand

    Australia / New Zealand
    Hello, I have owned a 2003 TD5 Defender in South Africa for a number of years and am very much attached to it. I was hoping to ship it home to New Zealand as a 'returning immigrant vehicle' which is exempt from a number of LTNZ requirements, but I am still struggling with some of the...
  2. 1992 Land Rover Defender, D90

    Land Rover Vehicles
    I'm selling my 1992 Land Rover Defender D90 and asking $38,000 obo. Located in Riverside County, California. It has just 60,000 miles on the odometer. In 1996 it was imported to Spain. I found the car in July 2018 and purchased it from a man in Southern Spain. When I got the car it was pearl...
  3. Carbon Fiber Flared Defender 110 with LT1 Corvette V8

    Show it off
    Hi all, we just finished our proudest Defender build to date! We are excited to share it with you, get feedback from you as the Defender community, and take that into consideration for direction on future builds. This commissioned build has been quite the project, featuring: GM LT1 6.2L crate...