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  1. Discovery Series I
    Hi all, with the recent rain and me actually out driving again I was told by a friendly motorbike that my right brake light was out on my 1997 D1. Easy peasy - new bulb -- or so I thought. The bulb looked fine. So I used another bulb and that didn't work either so maybe the socket was bad...
  2. Want to Buy WTB Series I Disco

    Land Rover Vehicles
    Looking to buy a Series I Disco. Looking for something that’s running/mechanically sound (in a LR way) with little to no rust. Can deal with cosmetic blemishes. Preferably located in the Midwest. Thanks!
  3. Land Rover Parts and Accessories
    Hey there Land Rover people. In search of a arb front bumper for a 94 disco 1. Or any quality front bull bar bumper. Txt or call at 2098720185 living in central california thank you!!
  4. Discovery Series I
    Hello everyone! I'm now the proud owner of a '98 Disco I. I paid $750 for her, she's definitely got her flaws but well worth the money. Previous owner bought her as a project. While sitting, someone stole a catalytic converter off it so he bought a $800 Magnaflow catalytic converter set for...
  5. Discovery Series I
    I have a 1996 Disco - the spare tire has a wheel lock that appears to be original. The key is no where to be found. Any ideas on how to find a replacement?
  6. Discovery Series I
    Hello, I am new to this blog but I am looking to put a winch on my completely stock Disco 1 and want to keep its looks on the front end. I came across this bid post and think it looks absolutely stunning and want to know if any of you veterans would now how to set this up? Thanks! Looking how to...
1-6 of 6 Results