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  1. Land Rover Discovery 5 forum
    Hey All, I currently have a 20' Disco 5. Was curious to know if anyone has any cargo/roof rack solutions that they love? With the family we use the third row, so when we are out adventuring the cargo space can get tight. Options seem limited for the Disco 5 for roof racks with more...
  2. Off Road
    Hi All, I'm reaching out from New Zealand here to see if anyone can verify the Load Rating of the factory fitted recovery points on a D5. D5's wanting to go off-road are new to our club here in Auckland NZ [ ]. We have about 80 members or member families so for safety we grade the...
  3. Land Rover Discovery 5 forum
    Lift your Discovery 5 with a 1.5 inch lift kit from Johnson Rods. With our kit you can fit a 275-55-20 tire. Check our website for more info: Discovery 5 lift kit - Johnson Rods Follow us @Johnsonrods on Instagram
1-3 of 3 Results