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  1. Discovery Series I
    Hi all, with the recent rain and me actually out driving again I was told by a friendly motorbike that my right brake light was out on my 1997 D1. Easy peasy - new bulb -- or so I thought. The bulb looked fine. So I used another bulb and that didn't work either so maybe the socket was bad...
  2. General Land Rover Discussion
    I have a 217 Land Rover discovery sport. My heated seats come on and feel great for about 10 mins or so, but then they turn off. The button shows they are on, but they no longer heat. This is for sure the front driver and front passenger seats. (Haven’t checked the back). Any ideas on what to...
  3. Freelander / LR2
    Intermittent issue for past year, happening every few weeks. When I park and shut off engine by pressing start/stop button, the engine shuts off, key gets stuck in docking station, everything in dash shut off, locks won’t work, press start button won’t start either. First few times this happened...
  4. Discovery Series II
    Searched the forum, but couldn't find this problem. I just replaced the headliner in my D2. Before I took the headliner out, every dome light worked perfectly. After I re-covered the headliner, put it back in, and put everything back together, the front dome light stopped working properly...
1-4 of 4 Results