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  1. Discovery Series II
    I've seen similar questions done to death but, maybe my situation/ findings will get someone to chime in with their experience. My question is my head bolts are currently sitting @72 ft-lbs after the 1st 90° turn. Am I safe to leave it at that? All parts were purchased from Atlantic British. My...
  2. Discovery Series II
    Been driving my Disco quite a bit lately. I did my weekly under-hood check yesterday and noticed it was quite low on coolant. I added some, and then checked the oil. It was on the low side, so I went to add some. That's when I found some milky deposits and oil in the fill tube. The oil on...
  3. Freelander / LR2
    Drove 300km today and I topped up with coolant before I set off but immediately got a low coolant warning with A check engine light. pulled over and the engine started to over heat under load. Waited around 15 minutes for it to cool down and checked the coolant and it was bubbling hot. Put in...
1-3 of 3 Results