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  1. General Land Rover Discussion
    Bulb out on my LR3 so thinking I may as well upgrade for better -brighter lighting!? Any input or experiences would be appreciated . 5 k, 8k, 10k ?? white, blue?
  2. Discovery Series II
    Aloha from Hawaii my new land rover forum friends I hope to make. 1st of all I'd really like to try get help and I will appreciate any help I can get. I'm a 41 yrs old woman that is building a 00 D2 for my hubby. I bought it in a forest and it sat for almost a year. 20 minutes into the drive...
  3. Show it off
    Hi all, we just finished our proudest Defender build to date! We are excited to share it with you, get feedback from you as the Defender community, and take that into consideration for direction on future builds. This commissioned build has been quite the project, featuring: GM LT1 6.2L crate...
  4. Tech & DIY
    I got my Discovery Sport a few months ago but have not done much driving after dark. Journey home tonight was awful, the dipped headlights are terrible. I thought is was just dirt, stopped, cleaned them, but to no avail. They are the halogen ones. Do I go to Halfords and try get better halogen...
1-4 of 4 Results