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  1. Accessories
    Found a great deal on a 2001 D2 and the owner said he bolted the snorkel but didn't have time to finish it off. Turns out he bought a D1 Safari Snorkel, chopped up the D2 to mount it, then realized the hoses inside not only are the wrong size, but they are also in the wrong place! The truck came...
  2. Discovery Series II
    Hello all, First post so pls forgive me if something is not up to snuff. I have purchased a 'second hand' bar type dog guard from FB market. It is OEM LR brand with the sticker & part # still on it (was never installed by previous owner). It came with all of the mounting hardware, still new &...
  3. Range Rover Classic
    My neutral safety switch went out this weekend completely out of the blue. My classic is my only way of getting to school, and currently I’m starting it by popping the hood and touching a wire to the positive battery terminal. I also don’t have $260 to buy a new one. I don’t love the idea of...
1-3 of 3 Results