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  1. Range Rover P38, Mk III and Range Rover Sport
    Helooooo, 2011 L322 HSE with mystery knocking in front end. So, my wife and I live in the foothills of the Sierra's a couple of hours north of Yosemite. We were trying to get from one end of the county to the other the "short way", which was 40 miles of forestry roads through the mountains...
  2. Australia / New Zealand
    Hi all, I have been looking at getting into an L322 for a while now; my usual method of buying cars is to find one "beyond reasonable repair" and bring it back to life. This has worked well so far for various aging Audis, Jags, etc. Before you doubt whether I have the chops to tackle a basket...
  3. Range Rover P38, Mk III and Range Rover Sport
    just changed front suspension arm, brake disks,pads and abs sensor plus brake sensor, all back to gether and now amber brake light, abs amber light, HDC reading on dash and all 4x4 sensors out,,do I plug it in to the mains and give it the shock of its life ?,, by the way I also have a disco...
  4. Range Rover P38, Mk III and Range Rover Sport
    Lift your Range Rover L322 (2005-12) two inches with a Johnson Rod lift kit. Check our website for more information: Johnson Rod Lift Kit We also have a lift kit for the 2003-04 model Time to get ready for summer trails #johnsonrods Follow us @Johnsonrods on Instagram
1-4 of 4 Results