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  1. Discovery Series I
    Hi all, with the recent rain and me actually out driving again I was told by a friendly motorbike that my right brake light was out on my 1997 D1. Easy peasy - new bulb -- or so I thought. The bulb looked fine. So I used another bulb and that didn't work either so maybe the socket was bad...
  2. Range Rover Classic
    Looking for advice as I'm sorting out the dome lights on my 95 RRC. It's been to two shops and no one is able to figure it out. I've done some troubleshooting as well, and seems like everything's been looked into aside from ripping out the headliner in tracing every single wire to and from the...
  3. Discovery Series II
    Hello all, I have a strange problem with the brake/tail lights on my 2003 D2 SE7. When I apply the brakes with the headlights and/or parking lights off, the center high-mount and right side lights operate as they should, but on the left side, the dimmer parking light will illuminate. When I...
1-3 of 3 Results