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  1. Discovery 3 / LR3
    Recently we had a crazy snowstorm, and i had only gone about 2 days without driving my car, after I actually had just completed a 2hr drive the day before. After that 2hr drive I noticed that the compressor was still making a noise even though the car was off. I just turned the car back on and...
  2. Discovery 3 / LR3
    My rear (2nd and 3rd row) sunroof roller shades won’t retract. They have been this way since I bought the rig 2 years ago. I’ve got the headliner pulled currently after water leaks from the roof seams (thanks MOAB) and want to repair them while it’s out. The mechanism is tiny, not what I was...
  3. 98857605-A4DB-4DEF-BD65-95EC63B175E3.jpeg

    06 HSE- 2.5 rhino lift, XLift Suspension control module, 33x18 Milestar Muds, bumper, lights, CB radio, and more
  4. Discovery 3 / LR3
    Does anyone currently have their LR3 headliner out? I’m looking for what the underside of the roof rack/rail mounts look like. Rain leaking inside from roof. Not front sunroof/drains. Not windshield. Headliner is wet around top of b and c pillars. I’m chasing leaks from rain and it’s none of...
  5. Wheels and Tires
    Set 4 of excellent condition Land Rover LR3 19" 6-Spoke Alloy wheels + the steel spare. The 4 alloys are 19x8 w/ a 5x120 bolt pattern and 53.2mm of offset. They have Michelin Latitude Tour HPs in 265/55-R19 mounted and balanced and have about 2/3rds tread life left with even wearing. These have...
  6. Discovery 3 / LR3
    I have an 2007 LR3 in great shape. I’m looking for a mechanic to help me maintain it. I wanted to flush the tranny as a precautionary measure, but the two I call will not work on an LR3. Can someone recommend a shop in Mass. I’m in the Ayer area. Thanks.
  7. Wheels and Tires
    Looking for lower pried used 18"s for my LR3, which currently rolls on 19"s... anyone got a lead?
  8. General Land Rover Discussion
    My 2006 Land Rover Discovery LR3 Alarm is stuck on. The Key Fob won’t work and is stuck in the locked Position. My key guy tried three days in reprogramming a new key but still stays in the locked and alarming position. Can someone please help? I’m at my wits end.
  9. Discovery 3 / LR3
    Before I spend the next 12 hours of my life digging in the web of things for info, who’s got the skinny on LR3 CV joints. Mechanic says it’s just the joint that blew and I need to order the part for him to install. Hearing I should look into Lucky 8’s HD joints/axles.... not really in the budget...
  10. Discovery 3 / LR3
    Ok, on my 08 LR3 over the last year we’ve basically replaced everything but the computer and the air lines. I’m recently getting an algorithm fault code about gallery pressure not decreasing fast enough when venting, and it’s gone from an occasional yellow warning and fully functional to now an...
  11. Discovery 3 / LR3
    So it is time to change the oxygen sensors in my 20008 v8 LR3 with 206,000 miles... possibly/likely on the original sensors. Not bad. Atlantic British only sells Walker brand, the set of 4 is $400+ Shipping. If I need to spend that much I can if that is what is best... However, there are many...
  12. Discovery 3 / LR3
    I’m sure there’s a post or two about this here somewhere but I couldn’t find it. I’ve got a 2008 LR3 SE V8 North American Spec I’ve changed out all the little bulbs in side marker, all 16 interior lights, license plate lights, and side repeater lights to a high quality led bulb that’s worked...
  13. Discovery 3 / LR3
    Has anyone here tried the Xlifter system? I’m liking the features better than the Llams system... especially the auto level feature for camping. I’ve got the Gap tool and have it set for the preferred ride height but an on the fly solution to change freeway / town driving is needed...
  14. New Member Introductions
    I would appreciate any and all advice on these specific models or maybe what to look out for!
  15. Discovery 3 / LR3
    I just graduated High School and I'm working in the trades and I want to purchase a new truck. I'm thinking about a 2008 Land-rover LR3 HSE with hopefully 100k miles on it. I love the commanding driving position, ride quality and decided that I would have better use for an SUV with seven seats...
  16. Discovery 3 / LR3
    Guys - I recently purchased a 2006 LR3. I have plans for it to be a capable off-road vehicle. Howevah FIRST, I simply need a simple 2” lift in order to add larger tires. The Truck has already been converted FROM air-ride-suspension to coil-over. It was NOT lifted at that time but the module...
  17. Discovery 3 / LR3
    Fellow Rover owners and mechanics, Wanted to share a few finds on Amazon that helped me out in repairing the air suspension on the 2008 LR3. During my install of the Lucky8 SYA kit I hit a few snags in dealing with older airlines and the brass voss fittings. Not L8's fault at all, just messing...
  18. Discovery 3 / LR3
    I have searched different forums for hours for information on this code. My 2005 lr3 has been giving this for weeks intermittently. Yesterday I towed a trailer and as I drove the suspension slowly lowered down to the blocks about the time I got home. Due to this code I cannot get the suspension...
  19. Discovery 3 / LR3
    2008 LR3 HSE V8 170k miles My steering wheels shakes going over rough roads and gravel roads Why and how much is it gonna cost to fix Is it dangerous to just live with it?
  20. Discovery 3 / LR3
    Hello everyone! This is my first post on this site- actually my first post for anything LR in general in all my years of Internetting. I am now the person responsible for maintaining my wife's 2007 LR3 with about 100k miles on it. I'd like to pretend I have a sweet, wonderful, caring wife. But...
1-20 of 30 Results