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  1. LR3 Creative roof rack mounting options?

    Discovery 3 / LR3
    Hello fellow Rover family! I have owned my 2005 LR3 since early 2007 and loved it. She’s sitting with an oil pan under the tranny and have decided to take a break from it. I recently purchased a one owner 2008 LR3 from a client of mine who has pampered It well. Seriously it’s one clean and...
  2. 2007 LR3 front heater blower not working

    Tech & DIY
    I have a 2007 LR3 and yesterday the front heater blower stopped working. I can feel heat coming from the vents, but no air flow. The blower works in the rear seats. I can't conclude whether it might be the blower motor or a resistor? or a relay? (I couldn't figure out where that would be so I...
  3. LR3 Parasitic Battery Drain

    Discovery 3 / LR3
    I just purchased a 2008 LR3 SE. The guy before me said the battery will just die - while driving and letting it sit. I replaced the alternator with the OEM original and that took care of the battery light on the dashboard. But the battery would still die after sitting 1-2 days. I ran a draw...