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  1. Videos captured! Disco4 with Scraping/Ticking Metal Sound when turning from near front, thoughts?

    Land Rover 4 / LR4
    Hi Guys! I have started to hear this painful first time heard metallic noise mostly when turning and steering full left or right whilst manoeuvring. My mechanic said front near side driveshaft and I am not fully convinced. Below is the lint to 3 videos I captured yesterday, please see and let...
  2. 2010 LR4 HSE Starter Motor

    Tech & DIY
    Hi All, Novice LR4 DIY owner here. I have just finished replacing all the plugs on the car and it cranked up again wow. next morning when i came to start it up again all i get is a click. Checked the relay it is functioning as expected. Next will be all the fuses, i have a sinking feeling...
  3. 2016 LR4 Leaking Coolant - Looking for advice

    General Land Rover Discussion
    Hello, I am new to Land Rover ownership and looking for advice. I recently bought a 2016 LR4 with 39,000 miles and a Precision First Elite extended warranty from a private seller. Car runs great has a clean history and appears in excellent condition, but a month in of owning it the coolant light...