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  1. Discovery Series II
    Hey Everyone, I purchased a used LR Disco 2 (2004) that looks great and ran well when I first got it. I took it into a mechanic for a diagnostic to try to determine if there was anything I should be aware of / fix preventatively and didn't find anything major. Drove it for a few weeks and...
  2. Range Rover P38, Mk III and Range Rover Sport
    Help! My 2013 Range Rover Sport HSE Lux has a check engine light and an obvious misfire. I have checked/changed ignition coils, spark plugs, injectors (tested and swapped to see if new codes would pull for different cylinder, replaced one that seemed to not be functioning properly), cleaned MAF...
  3. Discovery Series II
    Hi everyone I’d love your advice. My 2003 Discovery II has already been a labor of love. I got a P38 engine installed 1.5 years ago when my previous engine blew up. Since then it has been working great. Never had any problems with it. Just did a 3k road trip, no issues at all. I took it in for...
1-3 of 3 Results