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o2 sensor

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  1. Discovery 3 / LR3
    So it is time to change the oxygen sensors in my 20008 v8 LR3 with 206,000 miles... possibly/likely on the original sensors. Not bad. Atlantic British only sells Walker brand, the set of 4 is $400+ Shipping. If I need to spend that much I can if that is what is best... However, there are many...
  2. Tech & DIY
    Hi. I just purchased a 2016 6cyl. with 57k miles. I’ve had an intermittent check engine light but no performance issues. My first question is...Do I need to replace immediately? Second the replacement of the O2 sensor labor intensive? I am handy and have tools so just wanted to...
  3. Discovery Series II
    Hi everyone I’d love your advice. My 2003 Discovery II has already been a labor of love. I got a P38 engine installed 1.5 years ago when my previous engine blew up. Since then it has been working great. Never had any problems with it. Just did a 3k road trip, no issues at all. I took it in for...
1-3 of 3 Results