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  1. Discovery Series II
    The original power steering pump on my D2 finally gave up the ghost a few weeks ago (lots of metal in the reservoir filter, and consistent loud grinding noise). I replaced it with a new no-name pump that I got on eBay that seems to be decent quality (around $75 shipped). Cleaned out the...
  2. Discovery Series II
    My Discovery 2's power steering has been suffering a slow leak since I bought it. It have just recently reached the "min" mark on the reservoir, and the pump is starting to make some noise when cold, so I looked in the back of the manual to see what fluid to get for it. Unfortunately, they...
  3. Tech & DIY
    Hello, I recently purchased a 1987 MOD land rover defender 110. Could anyone here give me a approximate price for having power steering installed and/or how difficult would it be doing that by myself? Thank you,
1-3 of 3 Results