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  1. Discovery Series II
    Recently my original radio on my 2000 Disco starting acting up (not responsive on all buttons but still played radio station it was on). I found the same model on E-Bay that I purchased and swapped out. After plugging all the wires back in there is not response at all from the unit. I tried...
  2. Land Rover 4 / LR4
    Hello there, I have a Discovery 4 2013. Suddenly, all the controls I have on the passenger door (external mirrors, windows, children's locks) and also the radio knob stopped working. I tried to find on the manual if there is fuse for that, and it reads fuse 32 (25A) is responsible for the...
  3. Defender
    So a while back I lost power to the JVC radio in my defender, no lights or sounds, the only responsive button was the CD eject button. I just assumed the radio was dead, I’d planned on getting a new one anyway so I went ahead and replaced in with a newer song one. Now it’s replaced, There is...
  4. Freelander / LR2
    Fans: I have a 2008 LR2 imported from USA market to Europe. Radio sounds mono and the difference in quality is noticeable. Any fixes? Red manual from cover to cover, no solution. Also: is it possible to switch Temp reading to Celsius? Thanks!