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  1. 1987 RRC 2 Door Lift Questions - RTE? OME? Help?!

    Off Road
    Hello all, First of all - totally knew to this so forgive my ignorance or lack of knowledge in asking any questions here, but I am certainly here to learn. Just purchased a 1987 RRC Two door 2.5 VM and looking to get a 3" lift, run some good all terrain tires - my off road needs are decent...
  2. Newbie - Range Rover Classic 1992

    Range Rover Classic
    Hello Everyone! I just purchased my first Range Rover. It's a 1992 Classic with 190,000 miles. I just took it to the mechanic and he claims it needs the following but he can't do it. Seams like a crock fo you know what...any advice on what is the most important? Clicking sound coming from...
  3. j.a.m.e.s. navigation system not working

    Range Rover P38, Mk III and Range Rover Sport
    I have a 2000 range rover with navigation. the screen stays completely black and buttons do nothing. occasionally i will hear the nav cd reading the disk but it will not eject it. all of it is plugged in and i am not sure whats wrong.